Extra and Friends

Beginner - Jenny Dooley & Virginia Evans

Extra and Friends is a bright new six-level course designed for pupils studying English at primary level. Extra and Friends enables pupils to use English effectively and ensures that they have fun while learning!


Key Features


• Presentation of vocabulary through colour flashcards & posters

• Stories, songs & chants with likeable characters and plenty of

opportunities for communicative work pupil-centred activities

• Systematic development of all four skills

• Clear and simple grammar presentation

• Go Green tips to raise pupils´ environmental awareness

• Culture Channel sections to introduce cross-cultural information

• Checkpoint pages to review language at the end of each module

• a Special Festivals section at the end of each book

• Alphabet Book

• Interleaved Teacher´s Book with step-by-step

• Teacher´s notes

• Fully dramatised CDs

• Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Software

• Interactive eBook (ieBook)



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